She can’t say no to this!
Dean Smith prepared for an entire year to propose to his girlfriend, Jen. He began his countdown on January 8, 2014 videotaping himself holding a sign asking the same question every day – will you marry me? It’s a long video (covers 365 days!), but the ending is worth it. Super cute.

I’m just catching wind of an apparent craze happening in the world of post-baby weight trimming. Unlike most celebrity fads though, I have to admit, this one has me a tad curious, albeit very skeptical!

In an increasingly popular trend, women are turning to corsets to regain their pre-baby bodies. The popularization officially kicked off when mom of two Jessica Alba admitted to Net-a-Porter, “I wore a double corset every day and night for three months. It was brutal. It’s not for everyone.” However, she went on to admit it was, “sweaty but worth it.” Since then, the trend has kicked into full-on craze thanks to more celebrities singing its praises with some insanely tiny waisted Instagram photos.

So what is “Waist Training?” If you are as oblivious to this phrase -as it relates to corsets- as I was, then let me break it down for you in one sentence: Wear a waist cincher (corset, girdle, etc ) for a God awful number of hours, day and night, to “train” your waist to be smaller. So yes, that undergarment your Grandma wore is now a trendy device that doesn’t just fit you in a dress, but supposedly, it’ll trim your waistline permanently over time.

Has anyone actually tried this? Is this just another Hollywood fad, or something that sounds wacky but really works? Hmm……perhaps this one deserves more hands-on reporting. I’ll have to get back to you on this one.

Looking to work from home and make tons of money? Well, get into the babysitting business!

Noa Mintz, a 15 Year old high school student from NYC is doing just that! The teen entrepreneur founded Nannys by Noa at the tender age of 12, and today employs 25 full-time nannies and 50 babysitters. Mintz’s nanny placement agency charges clients a flat rate of $5 an hour for babysitters, and 15% of a nanny’s gross salary, amounting to roughly $375,000 of annual revenue.

Now that’s one impressive 15 year old! Moms, take note if you’re looking for a stay at home start-up. Is this just a big city idea, or could it work in your city?

I recall about a year ago, Googling: “How to flatten ears that stick out.”

As a 3 month old, my son had big, floppy ears. While I certainly wasn’t thinking to visit a plastic surgeon, I wanted to do something.  Ear aerobics?…. Tape intervention? Flashes of my little boy getting teased in school for having Dumbo ears were entering my mind! I know, I know.. first-time mom paranoia at its finest.

Still, it’s why this article titled “Parents Choose a Simple Device To Reshape a Baby’s Ear” caught my eye today. A company called Becon Medical created Earwell, a device that can reshape a variety of baby ear deformities. It’s a plastic ear mold worn for several weeks that not only corrects the shape of an ear, but could also flatten a baby’s ear closer to the head. Read the rest of this entry »

Its official. My poor 1 year old has spent almost his entire Winter suffering with congestion and runny nose.  But not just any runny nose, more like a dam broke from the pits of his sinuses causing all the goodies to flow out uncontrollably. Needless to say, this has wreaked havoc on baby sleep and has gifted Mama with extra large under-eye Hefty bags. Ohhh the joys of thick, slimy, yellow, cloudy, mucousy, pure insanity. It hasn’t been pretty.

After a couple months of sleepless nights and grumpy baby, I took it upon myself to buy everything under the sun to fix the runny, stuffed up nose in hopes of putting an end to his misery. By this point, most doctors were giving me vague advice that amounted mostly to “wait it out, there’s not a whole lot you can do.” Well, I’m happy to report that there are things that can be done. With a handful of products, a few nights of co-sleeping, and lots of consistency…..Eureka! something worked! Read the rest of this entry »

This is just beyond tragic.

3 year old Elijah Marsh’s family awoke to find him missing from their apartment in Toronto, a city currently gripped by freezing cold temperatures. Security camera footage from the building showed little Elijah pushing the front doors and exiting out to the blistering cold wearing only a T-shirt, diapers and boots.

After a frantic search by hundreds of police officers and community members, Elijah was found 6 hours later. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead around 2pm.

This is such a sad development, and especially frightening for all of us moms who have young, mobile babies. Such tragedy that curiosity and an adventurous spirit would take this little boy’s life. RIP Elijah.


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