WHO Recommends Sore Nipples?

Those special moments when I glance down at my son breastfeeding in my arms, looking so sweet and peaceful snuggled up next to me, I can’t help but smile and think to myself, “Why is this 30LB baby STILL holding a death grip on my nipple?!” 

I’m well aware that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding for the first 2 years of a child’s life or beyond. And here’s a fun fact that shocked me: In the U.S, the average age of weaning is 3 months; compare that to the worldwide average age of 4.2 Years old (!!) I’m also aware of the research that indicates breastfeeding can help protect a child from all sorts of illnesses including ear infections, cold viruses, staph, strep, diabetes, meningitis, pneumonia, and even childhood cancers. Oh yes, and this apparent super fluid can make your child smarter too! I know that the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition, which is partly why I’m still nursing my 1.5 year old today. All that being said, nothing changes the fact that at times, I swear I can see my poor, overworked nipples waving the little white flag and screaming “mercy, mercy!”  Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!!


Sometimes, as busy, stressed out Moms, we forget to stop and appreciate all the things our partners do for us. I, for one, am very guilty of that. With it being Father’s Day, I wanted to take this moment to acknowledge my dear Hubby for everything he is to our family:

To our Son, you are the most patient, fun, kind, loving, amazing Daddy a little boy can ask for. You teach him things that only a true Einstein could, and you’re molding him into one super funny, smart, happy little boy.  And to Me, you are my rock solid parenting partner, my #1 Top Chef and my dearest friend. Thanks for all that you do for us, Daddy. We’re so lucky to have you and love you very much. Happy Father’s Day!

Canines are NOT a Mom’s Best Friend

Oh no, of course I’m not referring to Canines of the animal kind. I mean really, who can resist these cute puppy faces? I’m talking about the dreadful, evil, terrible Canines. You know, those pointy things that, while growing in your toddler’s mouth, will rob him of any chance for peaceful sleep and, in the process, rob a Mom of all her sanity.

I was warned from the beginning that Molars would wreak havoc on a teething baby. Especially ones who are extra sensitive to the teething process, which, my lucky son is. For months, I heard other Moms’ nightmare stories about Molars. Even the always reliable Dr. Google prepared me for the worst. So imagine my surprise and utter elation when a big yawn one night unveiled 4 little white caps piercing through my son’s gums. Scooooore!! We made it past Molars with just a few minor scratches! After an entire year of near constant teething, finally, a well deserved smooth sail to the finish line.

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Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained All Summer!

With kids out of school and Summer upon us, parents are constantly having to come up with new ways to keep their little ones busy. Anyone who knows me would tell you I’m just not super crafty enough to be a good Do-It-Yourselfer, but at least I’ll give it my best shot!

So I wanted to share this fabulous article a friend sent to me on “29 Dollar Store Finds that will keep your kids busy all Summer.” Not your typical DIY list of complicated, messy projects, but some really great ideas for the most novice DIY-er. My son flipped for #5 (transforming pool noodles into water sprinklers) and creating it from scratch looks like just half the fun. So if you’re looking for Summer fun ideas on a Dollar Store budget, be sure to check it out!

3 Reasons Why You Should LOVE Shiitake Mushrooms Too

Years ago, a guy I was dating grilled up one mean Portabello dish that still ranks in my mind as one of the most memorable ever (the dish, not the guy.) Although my time with Guy was short-lived, a more fateful, lasting relationship managed to blossom… the beginning of my true love affair with mushrooms!

Over the years, I’ve gone through phases with each member of the mushroom family. For instance, Portabellos were my favorite from 2008-2011, followed by Oyster Mushrooms for a year. Today, I am a certified Shiitake fanatic, and I’m happy to say that my hunt for the perfect mushroom finally ends here. Continue reading

New Study Confirms ‘Mom Brain’ is Real

First, let me take a moment to post a public “I told you so!” to my husband. A new study by the University of British Columbia confirms what many of us have known since pregnancy  – mom brain is for real!

Researchers tested the impact of hormones on lab rats and found evidence that changes in estrogen levels during pregnancy and childbirth can affect brain function later in life. Continue reading