Holy crap –  quite literally! Changing diapers is the last thing I’d want to do in retirement!

A 65 year old Israeli woman just gave birth to a healthy 5.9 pound baby boy. Haya Shahar and her 67 year old husband had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive throughout their 46 year marriage. With help from IVF treatment and donor eggs, the couple welcomed their bundle of joy via C-section, making her the oldest woman to ever give birth in Israel.

Forgetting about the controversial aspect for a minute,  you can’t help but be happy for a couple who’ve achieved success after trying for thaaat long! So, congrats to the new parents!

This is fascinating. Pretty sad too really – a Facebook group for those who regret having children.

My first reaction was shocked that there are actually 1200+ moms and dads out there who would make such a public declaration! I mean, what do their friends, family, co-workers think? More importantly, assuming some of these kids are old enough to understand, seems pretty cruel to make this announcement to the world.

I’ll preface by saying, no, I didn’t find this group because I went out searching for it. Recently, I was browsing a high school friend’s Facebook when I ran across something on her page that left my mouth wide open. My friend has a profile that screams “perfect family”. She, a yoga instructor, her husband, a very successful banking guy. Together they have 3 adorable boys whom she posts endless photos of seemingly everyday. It’s the kind of family you wouldn’t imagine having real world problems, much less a mom who would thumbs up an “I regret having children” group. Maybe it was an accidental thumb, who knows. Or maybe it’s a case of ‘you never know what happens behind closed doors’. But nevertheless, it’s what led me to this Facebook group. Read the rest of this entry »

Hilarious!! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you hard working mamas!


A pregnant friend asked me today about our experience getting a 3D/4D Ultrasound, which reminded me that I’ve been wanting to dig up these old photos for a while. The early days were SO busy, it wasn’t possible to stop for much of anything!

So in addition to getting super nostalgic seeing him this tiny, I also couldn’t help but notice how accurate the 3D/4D technology turned out to be! Wanted to post these for anyone else who’s curious and considering it.

The left ultrasound was done at 26 weeks, and the right pic was taken when our little Buggy was only a few hours old. So, would I recommend getting 3D? I’d say yes because it’s a nice keepsake (ours came with a video), but I know there are some who discourage it, so just make sure to do lots of research!

Earlier this month, we went on our first true vacation together as a family – just the three of us: Hubby, me and little Buggy. Although we’ve taken several flights with baby previously, those were Holiday trips, and god knows Holiday travel never really feel like true vacations! This was a vacation.

Our trip itself is another post entirely. In a nutshell, it was Heaven, and I highly recommend any young family plan a getaway to reconnect and relax.  But instead of going into detail about Heaven, let’s spend a bit of time chatting about Hell, shall we? alright. not that bad, but I’m sure many of you know it can sometimes feel pretty darned close- the anxieties of traveling with a baby! Read the rest of this entry »

This has GOT to be a new low, even by standards of lowly, low-life hackers!

In what must be one of the more disturbing articles I’ve read in a while, some dirtbag decided to hack into a baby monitor placed in the room of a 3 year old boy in Washington State.

According to the article, for months the boy endured a stranger talking to him through the monitor, on one occasion telling him to “wake up, little boy. Daddy’s looking for you.” Apparently, the hacker even had video access to the room!

What’s crazy is that this isn’t even an isolated case. In the same article, a 10 month old girl in Ohio was awoken by someone shouting obscenities through her monitor!

Geez, some people have way too much time on their hands. If you own a high-tech baby monitor, please take a moment to read the article for tips on safety.

Better safe than sorry.

Sorry for the disappearing act. This last month has been BUSY with 4 molars, 2 bouts of colds, 1 cross country trip, and hiring 2 babysitters.. only to end up today with NO babysitter. More on that later.

So let me cut to the chase and say, Mommy guilt stinks. Someone should’ve told me before I got pregnant that I would suddenly grow this incredibly annoying guilt bone. Not just for anyone. For my sweet, adorable handful of a child, who’s lips start to tremble and eyes well up in tears every time I wave goodbye even for the shortest errand. Those darned puppy eyes get me EVERY TIME.

Last month, I decided Buggy was at the perfect age where I could start thinking about easing back into my career. Read the rest of this entry »

Aww, she can’t say no to this!
Dean Smith prepared for an entire year to propose to his girlfriend, Jen. He began his countdown on January 8, 2014 videotaping himself holding a sign asking the same question every day – will you marry me? It’s a long video (covers 365 days!), but the ending is worth it. Super cute.

I’m just catching wind of an apparent craze happening in the world of post-baby weight trimming. Unlike most celebrity fads though, I have to admit, this one has me a tad curious, albeit very skeptical!

In an increasingly popular trend, women are turning to corsets to regain their pre-baby bodies. The popularization officially kicked off when mom of two Jessica Alba admitted to Net-a-Porter, “I wore a double corset every day and night for three months. It was brutal. It’s not for everyone.” However, she went on to admit it was, “sweaty but worth it.” Since then, the trend has kicked into full-on craze thanks to more celebrities singing its praises with some insanely tiny waisted Instagram photos.

So what is “Waist Training?” Read the rest of this entry »

Looking to work from home and make tons of money? Well, get into the babysitting business!

Noa Mintz, a 15 Year old high school student from NYC is doing just that! The teen entrepreneur founded Nannys by Noa at the tender age of 12, and today employs 25 full-time nannies and 50 babysitters. Mintz’s nanny placement agency charges clients a flat rate of $5 an hour for babysitters, and 15% of a nanny’s gross salary, amounting to roughly $375,000 of annual revenue.

Now that’s one impressive 15 year old! Moms, take note if you’re looking for a stay at home start-up. Is this just a big city idea, or could it work in your city?


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